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It’s a good thing that most people do not get into motor vehicle accidents very often. However, when they do, they find that there are many complex and confusing questions that they are faced with.  Without a lawyer, accident victims are forced to deal with the various insurance companies and policies at play, without full knowledge of the interplay of the various policies  and claimed liens from healthcare providers and medical insurance companies.  What’s worse, accident victims may even start negotiating their case without full knowledge of the case’s value or disclosure of the liability limits on the various insurance policies. Add to this uncertainty physical and emotional injury, and the accident victim is often left frustrated and, worse, vulnerable.

Insurance companies most often take advantage of the accident victim’s lack of experience and attempt to settle their case for the lowest amount possible. An insurance adjuster’s job performance is rated by their ability to settle cases for as little money as possible.  This is why insurance adjusters will often be very friendly and encourage you not to hire a lawyer.

Our fees are based exclusively on a contingency

At Mann, Wyatt & Rice Midwest Injury Firm, our personal injury attorneys take all the risk and hassle away from the accident victim. Our fees are based exclusively on a contingency.  That means that if there is no recovery, there is no fee.  We advance all of the necessary expenses in the case and share in those expenses when there is a resolution. Our contingency fees are among the most competitive in the personal injury field.  We carefully evaluate every claim to ensure that our involvement will benefit the client significantly more than if they were not represented.

If you’ve been injured in an accident, call Mann, Wyatt & Rice Midwest Injury Firm today for a free evaluation.  Let our experience, integrity, and long history of results go to work for you.

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