I tried to go alone for awhile until I realized one of the insurance companies was not being honest about receiving my documentation leading to delays and phone tag games.

They did a great job being persistent and working with insurance companies on my behalf. It saved me so much time and headaches. I tried to go alone for awhile until I realized one of the insurance companies was not being honest about receiving my documentation leading to delays and phone tag games. They were so helpful and generous with the initial free consult. Other attorneys I contacted I had to go through more hoops just to get my initial, basic questions answered. They got the job done in a timely matter and their expertise and advocacy paid off. There’s no way I could have done it without them. Thanks for being so easy to work with!

--A.D., Andover, Kansas resident
...Don’t Call Anybody Else If You’ve Been In A Car Accident…

“I was in a t-bone accident. I hurt my back. The insurance company told me I was at fault. Mike settled my case for the $100,000.00 maximum in three weeks. Enough said. Don’t call anybody else if you’ve been in a car accident!”

--C.S., Kansas resident
...Mike Even Provided Guidance From A Christian Perspective...

“I thought that getting an attorney after my car wreck was wrong because of my Christian values. I was wrong. I called Mike at the recommendation of my son. Mike explained my rights and told me many things that the other driver’s company didn’t tell me and didn’t want me to know. Mike even provided guidance from a Christian perspective. He helped me realize that I was only using our God-given legal system to protect my rights and get fully compensated, not to get rich. I appreciated all of the people at Mann, Wyatt & Rice. I think anybody should go to Mann, Wyatt & Rice before talking to any other insurance companies or attorneys.”

--F.N., Kansas resident
Mann, Wyatt & Rice Midwest Injury Firm Video Testimonial
"I would encourage anyone to hire Mann, Wyatt & Rice. They are good people!"

Watch the client testimonial to see how Mike Wyatt helped Frank’s auto accident case his case.

...Calling Mann, Wyatt & Rice Is The Smartest Move I Ever Made…

“Calling Mann, Wyatt & Rice is the smartest move I ever made. My mom broke her feet when a car pulled out in front of her on the highway. While she was recovering, she died in a separate accident. I thought her case against the first driver was over and the lawyers that were handling it weren’t moving the case, so I called Mann, Wyatt & Rice for a second opinion. Mike Wyatt told me about my rights to pursue the claim on my mom’s behalf. I hired Mann, Wyatt & Rice right away and Scott and Mike had my mom’s case settled for $650,000.00 in three months. The insurance company that paid for her medical bills wanted to claim most of the settlement, but Scott and Mike made sure they didn’t take any of the settlement because they weren’t entitled to it. They even helped me settle my mom’s estate. I highly recommend that ANYBODY who has been in an accident to call Mann, Wyatt & Rice.”

--L.C., Kansas resident
...They Also Made Sure That My Back Surgery Was Paid…

“I was rear ended in 2010 in a car accident in Wichita. I hired one of the Wichita car accident firms from T.V. My back was still hurting after months, and the lawyer I hired almost convinced me to settle the case for $9,000.00. I heard about Mann and Wyatt through a friend. I talked to Mike right away and switched to their law office. Four months later they settled my case with the insurance company for the bad driver for the policy limit of $100,000.00. They also made sure that my back surgery was paid and now made a claim on my own car’s coverage. After my surgery I ended up with another $150,000.00, I felt better, and it made up for all of my missed days of work. Looking back I realized how close I came to settling for crumbs when my case was worth $250,000.00.”

--T.A., Kansas resident
Mann, Wyatt & Rice Midwest Injury Firm Video Testimonial
...He knows what he's doing and is a Godly person...

Watch our client testimonial with Suzie, to see how Scott Mann helped with her car accident case.

...The Second I Called Them They Took Over The Case…

“My leg was broken when I was hit by a delivery truck while driving. The insurance company for the truck acted like they cared about me, but the adjuster was just trying to settle my case for a few thousand dollars in addition to offering to pay for my medical bills. I wasn’t able to go to school or work, and I felt so frustrated and crushed. I heard about Scott Mann and Mike Wyatt through a friend. The second I called them they took over the case and the phone calls stopped. Within six months they settled my case for $450,000.00, made sure all of my medical bills were paid, and helped me get back on my feet and restored my confidence. They always returned my calls and treated me like I was their only case. Without Mann, Wyatt & Rice, I would have been the insurance company’s victim.”

--K.F., Kansas resident
...Scott Was Able To Quickly Settle The Workers Compensation Case…

“My husband was nearly killed by a faulty piece of equipment at work. We hired Mann, Wyatt & Rice right away. Scott was able to quickly settle the workers compensation case so that all of our medical bills, totaling over $800,000.00, were paid for directly by the insurance company, along with payment of $125,000.00. Scott arranged the settlement so that all of my husband’s medical expenses for the rest of his life would be paid for. Within six months, Scott recovered our family another $925,000.00 from the owner of the equipment for failing to make sure it was in good condition. When the manufacturer and the lessor of the equipment failed to offer a fair settlement, Mann, Wyatt & Rice litigated the lawsuit against both of them for our family. The manufacturer settled for $5,500,000.00 right before trial, and Scott Mann and Mike Wyatt took the case to a jury trial against the equipment leasing company. The case went to verdict and the jury found over four million dollars in total damages.

Even though my husband’s injuries changed his life, calling Mann, Wyatt & Rice gave us one less thing to worry about. Their hard work and expertise ensured that we would never have to worry about finances or medical bills again.”

--J.H., Kansas resident
...I Recommend Anyone Who Is Injured To Call…

“My son was injured when the bus that he was riding in collided with a semi truck. Due to Mr. Mann’s aggressive representation, we received $2,000,000.00 from the bus driver’s insurance company and $700,000 from the trucking company. After our accidental health insurance policy denied coverage, Mann, Wyatt & Rice also got us the maximum benefit payable under the policy of $375,000.00. Scott and his whole office handled the case so well and I recommend anyone who is injured to call them before they talk to any insurance companies.”

--L.B., North Central, Kansas
Mann, Wyatt & Rice Midwest Injury Firm Video Testimonial
...I always feel comfortable calling or texting to ask questions...

Watch our client testimonial with Louise, to see how Scott Mann helped with her accident case.

...The Insurance Company Paid $825,000.00...

“My husband was severely injured while working in sorting facility owned by a company that was not his employer. I immediately retained Mann, Wyatt & Rice on the recommendation of a friend. Scott filed a workers compensation claim and settled it within months. The insurance company paid for all of my husband’s medical bills, which were over $800,000.00. We were also paid $125,000.00 under work comp. Next Scott made a claim with the insurance company that owned the facility because of the unsafe environment. After Scott litigated the case the insurance company paid $825,000.00. Our family will not have to be concerned about medical bills and our finances any more. If anyone in my family is ever injured again, we will call Mann, Wyatt & Rice Midwest Injury Firm.”

--M.M., Hutchinson, Kansas
...Scott Settled My Case One Week Before Trial For Over $675,000.00....

“I was seriously injured when the truck I was driving was t-boned by a utility truck. I was restricted from my truck driving job and had to have neck surgery. I was worried about how I was going support my family and about my future.

I met with a local attorney in Great Bend and he referred me to Scott Mann of Mann, Wyatt & Rice. Scott explained all of my legal rights and immediately put me at ease. I hired Scott and he first handled my workers compensation claim and got me a settlement of $100,000.00, with all of the medical bills paid in full. For no charge, he also structured the work comp settlement so that my monthly long-term disability benefits from my employer were not reduced.

Next, Scott filed a case against the utility company because their insurance company said the accident was my fault and refused to make a settlement offer. After less than a year, the utility company admitted to the court that they were 100% at fault, and Scott settled my case one week before trial for over $675,000.00. Scott was able to structure the settlement so I did not have to pay back the workers compensation money.

If you have been seriously injured in an accident at work or anywhere, call Scott.”

--S.D., Great Bend, Kansas
...My Daughter’s Settlement Was Over $180,000.00...

“My teenage daughter had her front teeth knocked out when a semi truck slammed into the back of our family car on the highway. I called Mann, Wyatt & Rice Midwest Injury Firm immediately. Scott Mann and Mike Wyatt not only worked on our legal case, but made sure that my daughter was able to get the right dental care when she was out of state, even though we didn’t have health insurance. After only a few letters to the insurance company and their diligent work in proving the semi driver’s fault, the lawyers at Mann, Wyatt & Rice Offices settled my daughter’s case for over $180,000.00. They made sure that her teeth will be replaced with quality permanent implants, and they got her enough money to pay for all four years of college. Calling Mann, Wyatt & Rice was the best decision I could have made.”

--L.H., Denver, Colorado
...Mann, Wyatt & Rice Fought For Me In A Time When I Needed Them The Most...

“I badly injured my shoulder at a local store when I slipped on ice that had not been cleaned up for 3 days after a winter storm. I tried to get the store’s insurance company to pay my medical bills, but they refused. I went to an area plaintiff’s firm who looked at my case for several months but ended up rejecting it, telling me it was too hard to fight. I went to Mann, Wyatt & Rice and retained Mike Wyatt. Mike fought the insurance company for six weeks and ended up settling the case for more than the amount of my medical bills, all of my lost time, pain, suffering, and any future medical expenses. Mann, Wyatt & Rice fought for me in a time when I needed them the most. They made the negligent company pay for my expenses, and most importantly they helped me get on my feet and restore my dignity when I thought it was lost.”

--J.W., Hutchinson, Kansas
...Mann, Wyatt & Rice Treated Me Like Their Own Family...

“I was badly injured in 2008. My injury required many follow up surgeries and continuing medical care. I was tired of fighting the insurance company so I hired Mann, Wyatt & Rice. When the insurance company refused to pay, Scott and Mike filed a lawsuit to protect my rights. They worked hard on my case and drove the case all the way to trial. Just before trial the insurance company decided that it had enough and paid the policy limits, which paid for all of my medical bills, my estimated future medical expenses, and my mental anguish. Scott and Mike also settled with the defendant’s excess insurance carrier, allowing me to receive more than just the amount of our past and future medical expenses. The whole staff at Mann, Wyatt & Rice not only handled my case with expertise, but they treated me like their own family. I’ll never regret hiring Mann, Wyatt & Rice.”

--M.C., Independence, Kansas
He [Mike] keeps you updated, reasonably priced, and I got plenty of cash back in my pocket...

Mike was my lawyer but I also met Mr. Mann. I will tell you they are as aggressive as they come! I am active duty military and not a Kansas resident but was involved in a motor vehicle accident and needless to say, Mike came to the rescue!! He keeps you updated, reasonably priced, and I got plenty of cash back in my pocket to pay off my vehicle, money in savings and furnished my house! Not to mention, the accident was in 2010, and here it is 2015 and he still keeps tabs on me!

-Thomas G., Kansas
Scott Mann is the man!

Scott Mann is the man!
Work comp insurance was giving me the runaround. I had doctors dismiss my case as a knee strain… Scott believed my pain. I got an MRI, found out I had a tear in my knee. He got a doctor to push for surgery! If I just let doctors and insurance talk down to me I would have been in pain still! It wasn’t about the money in the end, but he gave me more than what I asked for and went above and beyond!!!

-J.M., Kansas
If you want a Christian, experienced and professional attorney, call Mann, Wyatt & Rice.

I was working as a traveling nurse. I was in a single vehicle rollover accident. I spent three months in a Wichita hospital and had multiple broken bones. My employer and their insurance company denied my workers’ compensation claim and would not pay my medical bills and lost wages. I was at my wits end!! Scott Mann took my claim to court and got an order to pay my bills and 2 years of lost wages while I got medical care. He explained all of my legal options and we decided to settle the claim for over $800,000. He then got me qualified for SSDI and Medicare benefits. I have recommended Scott to everyone. Don’t just call some attorney out of the phonebook or off the TV. If you want a Christian, experienced and professional attorney, call Mann, Wyatt & Rice.

-Lindsey M. Larned, KS

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