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Frank Neff — Mann Law Offices For Hutchinson KS — Client Testimonial

Testimonial Mann Law Offices KS Personal Injury Attorneys - Client Testimonial from Frank

Frank Neff is a hardworking family man who wants the same things we all do from life — to be happy, safe and secure. Unfortunately, tragic accidents sometimes happen to good people like Frank. As he was driving to work along an icy road in January of 2013, Frank was hit head-on by another motorist. Frank’s car flipped into a ditch after impact. He suffered a severe neck injury and spent 4 days in the hospital. The injury caused him so much pain that he was unable to return to work for the next 6 months. The hospital and insurance companies, however, didn’t care that Frank was too hurt to work. Even though he had no income due to lost wages, Frank was given a $108,000 hospital bill. The insurance companies also weren’t doing anything to help with the other expenses related to the accident.

Frank didn’t know what to do. He couldn’t even pick up his car from the shop. Frank’s son suggested he seek representation from Mann Law Offices based on our strong reputation. Frank called Mike Wyatt: “If you don’t have legal representation they can do whatever they want to you,” says Frank. “I started receiving enormous bills the day after I left the hospital. After I signed with Mike the bills stopped.”

There was “no normalcy or dependability” in the process until Mann Law Offices for Hutchinson, KS became involved with Frank’s case.

Frank was owed disability, but wasn’t receiving any until Mike stepped in. Mike also dealt with the insurance companies and made sure they upheld their obligations — even when they didn’t want to. In a month’s time, Mike had the insurance settlement completed and Frank’s life returned to normal.

“I would encourage anyone to use Mann Law Offices,” says Frank. “They’re good, ethical people who are here to help you. I’ve had experiences with other lawyers where I had to push for communication, but Mike is always professional, courteous and promptly answers my questions.”

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